On The Daily // The Top 5 Fashion Blogs/Sites You Should Read Every Day #pr101

6 Aug

Hello my faithful intrepids!

I am back in Vancouver, fresh off of a mini-vacation to my hometown of Edmonton for my cousin’s wedding! It was a much needed time out! Seeing my family and having some time to relax really gave me some time to recharge and take a break for the first time in a while, so I am incredibly thankful for that opportunity! (not to mention the delicious home-made dinners! Thanks, Mom and Dad)

One thing that I noticed about being on vacation, though, was that I have certainly gotten myself into a habit of checking out the same blogs/websites to start my day off. Being on vacation disrupted my regular routine, and now that I am back, I found myself obsessively wanting to go to my “daily” sites to catch myself up on all that I had missed during my time off. Humans most certainly are creatures of habit. I can credit both my love of sleep and my obsessive need to be early for absolutely everything to the resulting, well-edited, list of my top 5 daily websites that I feel are essential to starting my day out on the right foot, without taking up too much of my morning.

Here, my friends, are my favorite picks for essential daily reading that will ensure you are well informed, in the know, and up to date on (pretty much) all of the relevant fashion information for the day. Supplement them with a healthy following of Twitter accounts (we can leave those for another post) and it’s pretty much all of the main components of a healthy balanced breakfast! Just add (lots of) coffee and a cereal of your choice! 🙂

I hope that you can find something useful in this post, and maybe add some of these gold mines to your own daily reading. Enjoy!


Intrepid Tendency Top 5 Picks for Essential Daily Fashion Reading


Style.com is a great resource for the latest news in fashion. It is updated daily and, as well, has a wonderful directory of all of the main runway collections complete with a review for each. They are archived so you can pull up collections from years ago. There are also several sections to the site where you can read about upcoming trends, events, and breaking fashion news, making Style.com a definate essential.


Style Nine To Five

Canada’s very own Fashion Job site was created by Christie Lohr. I always check this site because it’s great to know who is hiring and what kind of openings there are across the country. There is also a great blog section to this site which always makes for an interesting read! Whether you’re an employer looking to find some quality applicants for a job or internship, a job-seeker yourself, or someone who just wants to stay up to date on what is happening with Canadian Fashion job postings, Style Nine to Five is an essential resource in my books.


DKNY PR girl

A great blog for PR tips, @dkny from Twitter’s blog is growing more and more popular by the day. Her advice is stellar, spot-on, and extremely valuable, especially for anyone aspiring to work in fashion PR. Her posts are edited like a true pro – all killer and no filler here folks. (Wasn’t that the name of some band’s album a few years back? uhhh. Anyways… sorry for stealing the saying, but, I think in regards to this fabulous blog it fits like an Alaia. 😉 )


Andrew Mukamal

You may remember Andrew Mukamal from Kell On Earth, Kelly Cutrone’s reality show which focused on PR agency People’s Revolution, where Andrew was Kelly’s assistant. He now has his own daily video segments called Today’s Look where he talks about his own outfit/look for the day, the latest in trends, magazine issues, runway shows, and gives style advice. (usually from atop his Versace throne 🙂 ) He also interviews some fabulous industry guests.  I always find Andrew to be extremely refreshing – he delivers quality advice and information in an accessible, down-to-earth kind of way without a hint of arrogance, ego, or elitism, with a style that is unapologetic and distinctly his own. Check out his video segments and I guarentee you that you will not only learn something, but you’ll enjoy learning it as well!


NYC PR Girls

The NYC PR Girls blog is one that I stumbled across via their Twitter page. (@nycprgirls) It is a great blog that archives many of the #pr101 tips from users on Twitter each month, offers a lot of posts with tips for aspiring PR interns or professionals, and is generally just a fun read. Adrianna, Meg, and Mary Ann make my list of essential daily reading, not only because this blog is helpful and informative, but because of the personable tone resonating from this blog and their twitter account is proof that nice guys/girls don’t always finish last in fashion PR – a stereotype that is sometimes taken a bit too far in the industry, where hopefuls are (sometimes traumatically) tricked into believing that only the icy-hearted, cut-throat, and tyrannical will succeed.  (when in fact, the more that I learn about PR, the more I learn how important it is to be nice to EVERYONE.)


Of course, all of these sources are on Twitter, so if you are not already following these lovely fountains of wisdom, do so NOW without delay! You’ll be glad that you did. 🙂

Style.com – @styledotcom

Style Nine to Five – @styleninetofive

DKNY PR Girl – @dkny

Andrew Mukamal – @ajmukamal

NYC PR Girls – @nycprgirls


What are your favorite fashion-related blogs/sites? Any that you would like to add to my list of essentials? Let me know in the comments below! It would make me ever so happy. 🙂

Until next time my faithful intrepids,

xx Scott


4 Responses to “On The Daily // The Top 5 Fashion Blogs/Sites You Should Read Every Day #pr101”

  1. Mark St James 19/08/2011 at 11:31 AM #

    For daily fashion news, collections, brands, designers, trends, and some fashion history I like http://www.fashioncollections.org.

  2. Janet 11/08/2011 at 11:05 AM #

    Thanks so much for the great post. I’m so glad for more information on Casual clothing.
    I have such a fascination with clothes and love to stay up on the latest fashion
    trends and newest clothes on the market.


  3. fashion blogs 09/08/2011 at 2:48 AM #

    Great collection of the daily updated blogs. It’s god-gious way for the inventions..Thank you …..

  4. Sarah 07/08/2011 at 2:37 PM #

    I could use those fashion tips and tricks. Miss you…and yo’ bad self.

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