Vancouver Fashion Week Opening Gala // Eva Chen F/W 2012

27 Mar

I recently attended the opening gala for Vancouver Fashion Week at the OPUS Hotel. It was nice to see so many familiar faces under one roof and everyone out in their great outfits. The highlight of the night had to be champagne and mini-doughnuts up in the VIP penthouse suite. The gala was my first time ever being at the OPUS having (sort of) newly moved to Vancouver – what a gorgeous venue!


VFW Opening Gala with Josh, Lyndi, Aeron, Carolynne, and Natalie on the pink carpet. Thanks to Lyndi Barrett for the image.


I was also lucky enough to take in the Eva Chen F/W 2012 collection during fashion week. Chen’s collection was well-received by the audience, and by combining strong structural lines with elegant feminine details, there was so much variety that there was something every woman in attendance could covet. Lace, feathers, and beading mixed with strong architectural designs, striking just the right chord, and there was everything from fun cocktail dresses, to structured, sophisticated jackets, to opulent evening gowns oozing with elegance.


Finale at Eva Chen F/W 2012




Derek Blasberg is Very Classy

18 Mar

This post is long overdue, but I feel like Derek Blasberg’s Very Classy was such a good read that I need to encourage everyone I know to pick up a copy.

with Derek Blasberg

I recently met the lovely, and always classy, Derek Blasberg at an event to celebrate the launch of his book Very Classy. With fabulous friend Leigh Lezark at his side, Derek was bubbly, down-to-earth, and more than willing to sign copies for any of the eager event-goers. Very Classy is an expanded edition of Derek’s New York Times Bestseller, Classy, and is brimming with even more wit, humor, and really good advice than its predecessor. The scope of topics covered is vast, ranging from advice on how to integrate vintage pieces into your wardrobe, to the importance of classic (that is, handwritten) correspondence today.

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to host a classy soiree or need some words of wisdom on dating, classy ladies and gents alike won’t be able to put this one down.

You can purchase your very own copy of Very Classy from the link on Derek’s website.



A Pirate’s Life For Me // Miansai Anchor Bracelet – the Perfect Spring Accessory

16 Mar

I am in love with my recently acquired Miansai anchor bracelet. Perhaps it was the rapid game of word association going on in my mind when I first saw it that lead me to make the purchase…

“Anchor… Boat… Pirate… Captain Hook… Mr. Smee…”

I mean, Peter Pan IS my favorite Disney movie of all-time.

Whatever the case may be, I made the purchase, and after wearing it out and about I am glad that I did. It is comfortable and simple, yet carries with it a sense of adventure and play – a.k.a. (for me) perfect.

The Miansai website describes its pieces best, stating that: the “handmade designs are preppy, rustic, classic and timeless, leaving those who wear them with a reminiscent sense of youth and ageless feel.” (<- AGAIN, the Peter Pan connection!)




More Coming Soon…

2 Mar

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas… Scott Style :)

15 Dec

Hello friends,

Wow. My last blog post was back in August! Christmas is here in less than two weeks already… The past few months sure have flown by. Putting lights up on the new mini Christmas tree in my apartment today (or, rather, watching @Shipster84 put them up)  really brought me a rude awakening as I realized that 2011 has almost come to a close. My birthday falls right before the end of the year and, let me just say this again: it is crazy how time just FLIES by. Speaking of which… I hope you have all finished, or are close to finishing, your Christmas shopping… right?


Me neither.

Without further adieu, here are three INTREPID APPROVED creative gift giving ideas for those of you…


for those of us,

who may still have one or two (or several?)  individuals to acquire Christmas presents for this year.



No… I am not suggesting that the perfect Christmas present this year is the new Rihanna album (Although from what I’ve heard, it’s a good’er).

A fun way of spicing up any old gift is by writing something creative to accompany it. I really like to do this with personalized rap verses. Let me demonstrate. Let’s say I was going to give an H&M gift card to my friend Rachelle – I could make the gift opening process about fifty times more fun by accompanying it with a card that reads:

Yo Rachelle, here’s a gift for you,

Go on a shopping trip with me or your boo,

Gonna hit up H&M for some cool new threads,

Leave your wallet at home and save yo breads,

Yes, I said breads, as in plural, listen girl,

This gift card here could change yo world,

Sing along to some T.I. and get whatever you like,

I’m talkin’ buy the whole store, then roll out like a bike,

For real though, girl, I ain’t frontin’ round here

Just wishin’ you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Right??? RIIIIGHT? Ok. Well I’ll tell you right now, if the recipient has any sense of humor they will at least crack a smile. 🙂 I, for one, would LOVE to have festive raps written in my Christmas cards. Just sayin’.

(p.s. Rachelle – I’m not getting you an H&M card for Christmas)



Nothing spreads festive cheer like delightful homemade baking. Who doesn’t love indulging on a treatsie or five after all of that exhausting present unwrapping? Gingerbread cookies are a staple, but if you want to try something new, why not put a fresh twist on an old classic by attempting to make little baby “designer” gingerbread cookies!? Think of the fun the recipient would have eating little Chanel ginger-handbags? I have yet to try this genius idea, but the plan would be to cut out little bag-shaped cookies, score the surface to make it look quilted, and add a little Chanel logo with icing, perhaps some gold sprinkles to suggest a chain…

Too much?

Nay I say! Christmas comes but once a year! Go big or go home my friend.



For those of you feeling especially ambitious, why not PAINT a wonderful portrait for an unsuspecting victim recipient? That way, they will feel obligated to have it hanging up in some central location whenever you are over to visit in the future!

Just kidding. 🙂 Actually, though, by creating an original ONE OF A KIND piece of artwork for someone, you are giving them a little piece of yourself – and there is absolutely NO chance that:

a) they already have it

b) they have received the same thing from someone else

c) it is the wrong size!

So bust out your berets and get painting some intrepid masterpieces! If your artistic abilities lie in the same realm as my own… feel free to lean more towards the “abstract” direction. 🙂


While this post has little to do with fashion, (save for a few scrumptious edible Chanel bags) I felt compelled to post as it has been FAR too long. I shall make sure that our next meeting shall not be so long off. 🙂

Wishing you the best to you and yours over the holidays!

Until next time my faithful intrepids,

xx Scott

Summer Daze // “…like a mad man on the run…”

26 Aug

Hello my faithful intrepids!

I have been such a beach bum these past few days. It has been marvellous. Vancouver finally got some sunny summer weather so I have been taking full advantage of this opportunity to sloth around all day and bask in all of the sun’s glory. After a delicious first encounter with Chronic Tacos on West 4th, my friends Jessie, Rachelle, and I decided to play around and conduct a “photo shoot” inspired by the care-free summer days and the lyrics of a favorite song of mine by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (whom I was raving about in my previous post), in order to show you all some of the new additions to my closet.

The specific lyrics in question? “Makes me feel like a mad man on the run” from Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. See how this epic adventure, starring yours truly and some of my most favorite new summer pieces from cyeoms and Quelle, plays out over 9 exciting photos, shot on the unsuspecting streets of Kitsilano.

The end result was quite a bit less “hardcore” than intended, but trust that I did my best to run like a mad man after lazing about in a slothy haze under the hot August sun. Hope you enjoy.

“Milk” Tank: cyeoms // D.I.Y. cut-offs: BDG // Bracelet: Quelle // Shoes: Fluevog


Until next time my faithful intrepids,

xx Scott

Intrepid Style Icons // Music Edition

16 Aug

Hello my faithful intrepids!

I recently scored some tickets to the Peaches DJ Set here in Vancouver at Venue on September 3rd, 2011,  and it got me thinking about how much I am inspired and influenced by the style of my favorite musicians. I always admire someone who exudes a style that is all their own with confidence and conviction, so I decided to share with you some of my biggest style icons.

I think I should note that I narrowed the selection down to just three musicians… For anyone that knows me and how much I love music, you know that this was no easy feat. I have also decided to throw out some honorable mentions at the end of the post, but if I were to write about all of my favorite musicians and their style, you’d be reading a rather INTREPID novel.

Without further, adieu – I give you my top style icons in the music industry. Enjoy! 🙂


Karen O //

Karen O, vocalist and front-woman for the greatest band of all time – Yeah Yeah Yeahs, tops my list of influential style icons in the music industry. Her stage costumes are designed by her friend Christian Joy, and you never know just what Karen is going to hit the stage in. Each album released by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs seems to take on a different sound and direction, and Karen has re-invented herself along with the band’s sound. Starting out with a rough and tough, underground NYC punk look in the Fever To Tell era, to the flowy modern rock goddess digs of Show Your Bones, and now, most recently reincarnated as a dancefloor-filling club Queen rocking metallics and studded leather jackets with the band’s latest offering, It’s Blitz – Karen O never ceases to impress and tantalize audiences with her bewitchingly fabulous wardrobe choices.

Patrick Wolf //

Patrick Wolf, another favorite artist of mine, makes the top 3 because of his fearless style choices and unique style that set him apart from all of his peers. Whether dressed in Medieval-inspired garb, actually wearing armor, or close to nothing at all, Patrick Wolf’s style choices certainly run the spectrum from one end to the other. As with Karen O, Patrick’s style has evolved and changed significantly as his career has progressed. A shy, blonde kid wearing scarves and playing his violin with an innocent charm about him in the Lycanthropy days, taking a darker, almost gothic, turn for Wind In The Wires, then exploding back onto the scene as an extroverted red-head with The Magic Position, only to re-emerge as a more mature, stern, warlord version of himself, adorned in whimsical outfits that seem right out of a fantasy novel for The Bachelor, and most recently, appearing as a seemingly more “balanced” incarnation of himself with the release of Lupercalia, Patrick Wolf has proven to be a style chameleon of sorts – and a trail-blazing chameleon at that.

Peaches //

Peaches, Peaches, Peaches. This list would not be complete without the one and only Merrill Nisker, better known by her artist name, Peaches. Formerly an elementary school teacher before starting her musical career, one would never guess Peaches previous profession from her explicit music and choice of stage outfits. Having been guilty of literally following Peaches around on tour before… (a.k.a. seeing her in Edmonton, and then hopping on a greyhound at some ungodly hour the next morning to see her in Calgary the very next day) I can attest that a Peaches show is something you dress for. Her unapologetic music and style is inspiring, and always has my friends and I donning outfits that take us to a whole other level, outside of what we would normally wear day-to-day, for one of her shows. (AHHHH! I cannot wait for Sept. 3rd!) Pictures to follow, I promise. 🙂


Honorable Mentions //

Here are some other artists whose style I am greatly inspired by. No disrespect for not making the “top 3” – I could literally rave about everyone mentioned in this post for days on end. In no particular order…

Lady Gaga (That probably doesn’t even need to be mentioned)




Missy Elliott


Vanessa Carlton

The Tallest Man on Earth


Who are some of your style icons? Who inspires you most when you are deciding what to wear? What is it about their style that you find so intriguing/inspiring?

 Until next time my faithful intrepids,

xx Scott